Supporting Your Local Funeral Home In Celebrating Every Pet.

At Crescent, our mission is to help each and every family find peace and celebrate a life well lived –whether that be a member of the family or a beloved pet. We do this by manufacturing and then providing high quality products and services only to your local Funeral Home at the lowest costs possible. Funeral homes across the USA and world depend on Crescent to help celebrate the life of beloved pets.

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Terra Wicker Casket

The Terra Wicker Casket is suitable for cremation or burial. When natural beauty and eco-friendly caskets are needed, nothing surpasses Terra Wicker. Hand-crafted and woven by a skilled artisan, each casket is as unique as the memory of your pet. Harvested annually from the same crown for up to 60 years, wicker is truly an environmentally renewable resource.

(Exterior) 25" L x 16" W x 12.5" H
(Interior) 23" L x 14" W x 8" H

Casket/Vault Combos

This 24in. casket/vault combo has 3/8" thick walls and it is constructed of high-impact plastic materials. It features solid wood handles with brass accents. The interior is white or reversible blue or pink. A butyl sealer is also provided for a permanent seal. For Burial Only.

(interior) 23.25" L x 9.25" W x 10.5"D


White Corrugated Pet Casket

The white corrugated pet casket is suitable for cremation or burial, this corrugated pet casket comes in two different sizes and features an imprint on the lid. Medium currently comes with Paw Prints design only. Small currently comes with wreath design only.


Eco-Friendly Pet Casket

The Eco-Friendly Pet Casket is an Eco-Friendly biodegradable burial option for your pet. Available in small, medium or large.

•Provide a better end of life experience
•Personalize at home
•Use for whole body burial or as an urn to hold cremains
•Made from 100% recycled rice and bamboo husks
•Create a living memorial with the seeded sympathy card included