Supporting Your Local Funeral Home In Celebrating Every Pet.

At Crescent, our mission is to help each and every family find peace and celebrate a life well lived –whether that be a member of the family or a beloved pet. We do this by manufacturing and then providing high quality products and services only to your local Funeral Home at the lowest costs possible. Funeral homes across the USA and world depend on Crescent to help celebrate the life of beloved pets.

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Master sculptor and mold maker Randy Koufalis, has over 25 years experience in sculpting and design. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia where he continues to reside. Randy blends old motifs and traditions with his own unique style to create both functional and decorative works of art and inspiration. He laboriously builds every mold that is used to reproduce all of our original pieces. These urns are a stunning celebration of artistry and imagination, captured in stone, timeless for all to enjoy. The concept and design process of each piece begins long before any actual sculpting takes place. Most of the designs come from the interpretation of architectural elements found in our environment. Hours of research, both technical and historical, go into every piece designed. Initial concept sketches are compiled and modified and prototypes are completed. Using these rough 3-D models as references, the creative process of turning our models into finished sculptures begins. The products are completely hand made and hand painted by a very talented team of artisans. Each piece is made of actual re-constituted stone, taking great pride in making sure the quality of the products is unsurpassed.

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